Vreed-en-Hoop businessman nabbed with gun, ammo

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Police ranks in Regional Division 4 ‘B’ (East Bank Demerara) have arrested a businessman after he was found in possession of a firearm and matching ammunition for which he does not have a licence.

The discovery was made at about 17:00hrs on Friday (March 15th, 2024) at Jimbo Bridge, Grove, EBD.

Reports are that Chief Inspector Lyte was in charge of an Anti-Crime Patrol on Grove Public Road when they observed a Toyota Tacoma vehicle, bearing registration number PYY 9229, driving dangerously in the vicinity of Jimbo Bridge.

Upon seeing this, the patrol ranks stopped the vehicle, and the driver was instructed to drive to Grove Police Station under escort.

At the station, the driver of the vehicle gave his name as Dylan Walker, a 30-year-old Businessman of New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara. Three other occupants were in the vehicle, including Subrina Rhema, a 26-year-old from Plaisance, East Coast of Demerara.

A search was carried out on the vehicle, but nothing illegal was found. It was then observed that Rhema had a black handbag, which was searched in her presence and a black .32 Taurus Pistol, along with a Magazine containing 11 rounds of .32 ammunition, were found in the handbag.

The woman was asked if she is a holder of a firearm licence, and she said no. She was then told of the offence committed, arrested and cautioned after which she replied: “Dylan put it in my bag”.

A video and audio interview was subsequently conducted at the Grove Police Station with Subrina Rhema and Dylan Walker, separately. They were both cautioned and told a story that was video-recorded.

Dylan Walker stated that he was in possession of the Firearm and Ammunition when the Police stopped them, and while being escorted to Grove Police Station, he put the Firearm in Subrina Rhema’s bag. He accepted full knowledge, possession and control of the firearm and ammunition.

Subrina Rhema’s story supported that of Dylan Walker. She also claimed that she was of the view that Walker was a licensed firearm holder.