Over 2800 dengue cases recorded for the year so far

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Guyana has already recorded over 2800 dengue cases for 2024, advisor to the Ministry of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy has revealed.

Specifically, a total of 2852 cases of dengue have been recorded countrywide within the four-month period.

As of August last year, there were 11 dengue-related deaths. For the year so far, two persons have died with dengue-related complications.

While the situation was not considered to be an outbreak, Dr Ramsammy said authorities are working assiduously to combat the presence of mosquitoes in various regions, in a bid to combat this life-threatening disease.

“It is important for our people to know that across the Americas there is an upsurge of dengue cases and therefore we need to be very cognizant of this and take necessary action,” the health advisor said.

He explained the Health Ministry is still assessing the situation but has nevertheless mobilised primary healthcare centers across the country to treat the disease.

On this point, he disclosed that all doctors countrywide have been provided with the latest information on treatment guidelines and are conducting seminars to foster further discussions.

Additionally, fogging exercises are ongoing.

According to a January 2024 World Health Organisation (WHO) report, dengue has become a growing public health concern with approximately four billion people in 130 countries identified at risk of infection.

Since the beginning of 2023, the world has been facing an upsurge of dengue cases and deaths reported in endemic areas, with further spread to areas previously free of dengue.

Currently, all citizens are being encouraged to do source reduction otherwise known as the elimination of mosquitoes’ breeding sites, especially around homes, schools and their surroundings.

Importantly, open water tanks are known breeding sites for mosquitoes and it is advised that persons secure such by covering them with a net or a cover, and ensure that all extra openings are sealed.