Construction of US$35M Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge to begin in August

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Artistic impression of the Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge

Traffic congestion and long delays will soon be things of the past for commuters using the Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge, as construction of a new US$35 million four-lane bridge is set to begin in August.

The Ministry of Public Works has confirmed that the new bridge will be built at the same location as the current bridge to enhance connectivity and efficiency.

This landmark project, undertaken by China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, involves constructing a 220-metre-long precast concrete bridge with vital safety features such as lighting.

It will have a maximum horizontal clearance of 32 metres and a vertical clearance of 11.5 metres.

To ensure a smooth construction process, a temporary trestle bridge will be erected, while a precast beam yard, a rebar processing factory, and office and living camps will be established on the east bank.

The precast beam yard will expedite construction, allowing the substructure and superstructure to be built simultaneously.

According to the ministry, this could significantly reduce the overall project duration, alleviate traffic congestion sooner, and improve construction safety and quality control.

By situating the office and living camps on the east bank, the project will mitigate noise and dust pollution for west bank residents. It will also ensure uninterrupted progress on utility relocations and road connections.

Traffic diversion measures will be implemented to separate construction zones from public roadways, including the creation of detour roads, temporary toll stations, and emergency access routes to safeguard both workers and commuters.

Relocations of identified facilities and utility services will also be coordinated to facilitate seamless construction progress.

The new Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge exemplifies the PPP/C Government’s visionary approach to strengthening trade between Guyana and Brazil, positioning the region as a key player in international commerce and economic growth. [DPI]