Team Guyana Drone Soccer in San Diego for World Cup

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Left to Right: President of Guyana Drone Soccer, Leon Christian Eshan Harjohn, STEMGuyana Operations Manager, Alisha Koulen, Rashad Lancaster, Zion Rambarran, Jad Narine, Mariam Brown and Coach of the USA Drone Soccer team, Kyle Sanders

Team Guyana Drone Soccer has touched down in San Diego, California, to participate in the prestigious Academic Drone Soccer World Cup and associated events, running from April 23-25, 2024. The visit also encompasses a comprehensive Student Conference and Career Fair aimed at immersing the team in both competitive and educational experiences in the drone and aeronautics sectors.

This morning, the team was engaged in a hands-on drone building workshop at Millennial Tech Middle School, where they strengthened their skills in the assembly and maintenance of the very drones they will operate during the competition. The workshop is crucial, as all players are required to swiftly manage any technical issues that arise mid-competition.

Drone soccer, a sport demanding quick maneuvers and strategic play, is not just a game for these young enthusiasts but a gateway into the expansive field of aeronautics. “Our goal is to launch a robust program across Guyana, empowering young people to access burgeoning 21st-century careers in drone technology,” said Leon Christian, President of Drone Soccer Guyana. The initiative is the first of its kind in the region, combining elements of soccer, and the intensity of a fast-paced e-sport.

The timing of Team Guyana’s involvement in such international platforms is strategic, aligning with the increasing global demand for skilled drone operators in fields ranging from agriculture to security and beyond. During their stay, Team Guyana scholars will also participate in career fairs, meet industry leaders, attend lectures, and explore potential scholarships offered by aviation companies and universities.

Moreover, the team will have the opportunity to visit pioneering aerospace exhibits. These exhibits showcase the latest advancements in drone technology and autonomy, providing a glimpse into the future of the industry.

The enthusiasm for expanding drone technology education is palpable. Christian plans to extend the program to regions of Guyana where interest is most pronounced, specifically in regions 2, 10, and 6. The expansion aims to partner with STEMGuyana’s Learning pods program and industry leaders to foster a generation well-versed in aeronautical careers.

“The drone industry is rapidly expanding, and Guyana is poised to become a leader in preparing its youth for diverse roles in this innovative field,” Christian added. With drones increasingly utilized across various sectors including policing, delivery services, and agriculture, the potential for career opportunities is vast.

As the event progresses, Team Guyana Drone Soccer’s participation not only marks a significant milestone in their own journey but also sets a precedent for the development of drone sports and education in the region. The future looks promising as these young scholars are set to return equipped with knowledge, experience, and inspiration to pursue careers in the rapidly evolving drone industry.