“We have to win the 2025 elections and win them massively” – Jagdeo

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
PPP General Secretary Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is hosting its Congress at an important juncture since the country’s next General and Regional Elections are slated for 2025. On this note, General Secretary of the party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, who also serves as Vice President in Government, said it is important that the party is re-elected to office for the continuation of its policies and programmes.

“We have to win the 2025 elections and win them massively,” Jagdeo said during his opening remark at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre this morning.

Party members at the opening of the PPP 32nd Congress

Alluding to the National Development Strategy from 2001 to 201o and the Low Carbon Development Strategy which has now extended to 2030, he believes that the PPP is the only party with a vision which has provided economic leadership to the country over the years.

“We’re not a wishy-washy party… We’ve defined our end goal, we’ve put in place the programmes and policies to achieve the end goal. The other parties don’t have a vision, they don’t have plans and programmes, they don’t have an end goal so that’s why this party has to win if we want to ensure prosperity continues,” the General Secretary said.

“We’re not fighting for political power in this country because it is an ego trip or a pathway to privileges and perks like the other party did. We’re fighting for political power because we have a historic mission that we have to complete [which] started off from the beginning of our party,” he added.

Members of the Diplomatic Corps at the opening of PPP 32nd Congress

Jagdeo said his party is working to ensure there is religious and racial harmony which is reflected in the attendance at the Congress with observers and delegates from every administrative region. Further, he noted that the Government is working to manage the country’s resources in a sustainable manner.

He spoke of investments in health, education and other sectors to filter the revenues from the oil and gas sector to benefit all citizens.

With a large group of young supporters, a mix of female leaders and the General Secretary said he is confident that the party has great leadership to develop Guyana.