Weapons, ganja found during eradication exercise

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The guns and ammunition along with narcotics found by police during the exercise

A drug eradication exercise at the Upper Berbice River in Region 10 on Friday resulted in the discovery of a massive amount of marijuana and firearms along with matching ammunition.

The exercise was conducted between 04:00 hrs and 11:00 hrs and started at Bartica, Upper Berbice River, where police ranks found a plot of land with about 35,000 cannabis plants.

Two make-shift camps were also found with a drying area that had dry cannabis plants weighing about 200 lbs and another 40 lbs of cannabis seeds.

A search was conducted at the farm, and a 12-gauge shotgun semi-automatic was found by a tree, with serial number #11KZR17388, which contained one 12-gauge cartridge in the breach.

The two camps and all the cannabis plants were destroyed by fire.

The ranks then went further up the river to Fort Nassau, Berbice River. Upon arrival, the ranks observed a male running from a house into some bushes. The ranks then give chase, but he made good his escape.

A subsequent search was then conducted at the said house during which the following items were found:

1) One 12-gauge shotgun with serial number #J07073AA2

2) Components for two firearms (2- stock, 2- trigger guard, 1- barrel, 1 – spring, and 1 – firing pin).

3) Six bulky parcels wrapped with transparent plastics and one brown salt bag all containing a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis.

4) 400 dry cannabis plants were found in the ceiling (All of which were destroyed by fire)

5) and 125 rounds of 12-gauge cartridges.

The bulky parcels, the firearms, and all the firearm components were taken to Central Police Station in Region 10.

The suspected cannabis in the parcel was weighed and amounted to 54 pounds. All the items mentioned were photographed, marked, sealed, and lodged.

According to the police, the total street value of all the narcotics found amounted to $295,171,562.

Investigations are ongoing.