Letter: Why does Dr Vincent Adams believe that he should not have been fired as Head of EPA?

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Dear Editor,

In 2015, Permanent Secretaries Collin Croal and Nigel Dharamlall mounted political platforms during the General Election campaign, and both subsequently resigned, as required by the Public Service rules and personal ethics. Why then does Dr. Vincent Adams believe that his mounting the political platform in 2020 should not have led to his firing as head of the Environmental Protection Agency?

Please see the photograph in which I have highlighted Dr. Adams. It is widely available on the internet (without the highlight).

At the time of his firing, Dr. Adams was an executive member of the AFC. I believe he still holds that position today. It is also noteworthy that Dr. Adams signed 19 waivers for the Stabroek Block oil developer (ExxonMobil) during his short tenure at the EPA. Based on those waivers — even if Dr. Adams indicates that he is not the person highlighted in the photograph, and was neither a political appointee nor aspirant — I would still be hard pressed to take up cudgels on behalf of his claim to being dismissed without reason.

SincerelyRobin Singh