All secondary school students will soon receive textbooks from Govt – Manickchand

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Having already fulfilled its promise of ensuring every primary school student receives textbooks from the government, focus is now on equipping all secondary-level pupils with textbooks to support their studies.

This was disclosed by Education Minister, Priya Manickchand on Tuesday during a World Book Day event, held at the St. Stephen’s Primary School on Princes Street, Georgetown.

According to the minster, the government has already been providing textbooks to all pupils in primary schools within the public sector and they are now looking to implement this same initiative to the secondary schools.

“We have bought for all the children in primary schools all the textbooks that they need and now we are in the process of buying all secondary books for secondary school children,” Manickchand revealed.

She further expressed that this initiative is being done because the ministry believes that the contents in those books will help children in their academic journey.

Meanwhile, Minster Manickchand expressed that children should always remember to take care of these books as future generations will also have to use them for their academic pursuits.

“…if these books are destroyed, you have to pay for it because you have to leave it for someone who is coming after you,” Manickchand reminded the pupils.

Meanwhile, Manickchand also announced plans to implement libraries stocked with storybooks for all primary school children. She explained that this initiative would complement children’s reading abilities once they have learned to read.

“We are buying story books to put in the libraries for all the primary schools because after you teach students to read, what will be the next move? They have to continue to read,” she stated whilst then adding that whatever the students are supplied with to read should be fun things to keep them engaged.

According to the minster, these initiatives serve as a great support to move children higher up in their academic journey.