“Today, we celebrate the vibrance of our cultural heritage” – PM Phillips in Arrival Day 2024 Message

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Prime Minister Brig. (Ret’d) Mark Phillips

See below for Prime Minister, Brigadier Ret’d Mark Phillips Arrival Day 2024 Message:

Fellow Guyanese,

As we commemorate Arrival Day, we reflect on the profound impact on Guyana’s rich history and spirit made by the diverse peoples that make up our country’s heritage.

Guyana is proudly a melting pot of cultures brought here from various lands by occurrences such as the Atlantic Slave Trade and Indentureship. Today, we enjoy a cultural makeup of six beautiful races – Amerindians, Africans, East Indians, Portuguese, Europeans and Chinese – and together, we have continued to work to shape Guyana’s future as a prosperous nation.

In many instances, the journey of these people was marked by adversity and hardship. Yet, their arrival and resilience through the unwelcoming conditions paved the way for a new chapter in Guyanese history.

With the arrival of these dynamic groups of people came their traditions, which have woven seamlessly into Guyanese society, enriching our music, dance, literature, cuisine, and architecture. Today, we celebrate the vibrance of our cultural heritage as truly One People, One Nation and One Destiny. Economically, each group was instrumental in the development of Guyana in some way, laying the foundation for our nation’s economic prosperity. Their skills and expertise contributed to infrastructure development and increased commerce, shaping the landscape of our country for generations to come.

Politically, the arrival of people from various territories also sparked movements for equal rights and representation, challenging discrimination and prejudice This has contributed to a spirit that inspires us to strive for a more just and equitable society.

As we celebrate Arrival Day, we proudly honour the resilience and perseverance of the richly mixed Guyanese community, whose contributions have helped shape our nation. As Guyanese, we should always be committed to preserving and passing our cultural heritage on to future generations.

May we embrace unity in diversity, recognising that our strength lies in our shared values and collective identity as Guyanese. Most importantly, let us remember the sacrifices and contributions of our ancestors. Let us celebrate their legacy with pride and gratitude, knowing that their spirit lives on in every one of Us.