First Lady donates ambulance to GPHC

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

First Lady Mrs Arya Ali on Thursday handed over an ambulance to the paediatric ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Receiving the keys on behalf of GPHC was its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robbie Rambarran who related that it is the first time the paediatric ward will have its own ambulance.

“This is the first time the paediatric ward will have an ambulance attached to it, so we wish to thank the First Lady for this.”

He explained that as the hospital continues to build capacity, donations such as these are welcomed since they allow for the expansion of patient-care services.

The CEO also commended the First Lady for her continued support of the hospital and its patients over the last three years.

The First Lady had previously made donations of menstrual and sanitary products and hampers for newborns and their mothers at the hospital.

Speaking briefly at the handing-over ceremony, Mrs. Ali who is a mother of two, said that she thought it appropriate to have an ambulance dedicated to the paediatric ward.

“Even though paediatric emergencies are less frequent than adult emergencies, they still do occur and so I thought it was necessary to have an ambulance dedicated to this ward.”

She also congratulated the CEO and his team for the work they have been leading at the country’s premier healthcare institution and recommitted to working with them to expand healthcare services to the Guyanese people.