Teen dies 3 weeks after Police chase ends in crash

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Ramesh Hariprasad

Nineteen-year-old Ramesh Hariprasad of Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara (ECD) who was involved in an accident while being pursued by police on March 12, along the Enterprise Access Road, ECD succumbed to his injuries in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

According to Hariparsad’s family, after the accident, he remained in a critical condition and never regained consciousness until his demise on Sunday morning. Also injured in the accident was Hemraj Mohamed, 17, also of Non Pariel, ECD who police said was in serious condition.

According to police reports, the teens, Mohamed, who was driving motorcycle, CL 7572, and Hariprasad, who was driving motorcycle, CK 2959, initially evaded two police officers on motorcycle patrol duties in the Enterprise area by riding in the area without lights.

Upon noticing the police, the two motorcyclists rode onto the access road which is under construction, and which leads into the Enterprise backlands where a new housing scheme is being developed.

At the time, the bikers were proceeding in an easterly direction at a fast rate, and one of them rode into a pile of ‘crushed stones’ that was in the centre of the road.

Both bikers lost control of their bikes, and sustained injuries to their bodies when they fell on the roadway.

Police ranks reported that they had lost sight of the bikers, and were proceeding in the direction that the bikers had sped off in when they heard a call for help and responded.

Based on the ranks’ observations, an ambulance was summoned, and both motorcyclists were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where they were admitted as patients in serious conditions.