Letter: GPL has failed to deliver a solution

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Dear Editor,

Given the constant failures of the GPL interconnected system and the resulting power outages affecting large swathes of the country simultaneously, is it not time to consider the benefits of ‘disconnecting’ the grid? That is, to say, break the grid into smaller chunks, each dependent on a particular power station and independent of each other. How much longer should people in Berbice and Demerara suffer when some idiot driver smashes into a transmission pole in Mon Repos?

We can even take this idea forward logically; each power station can have its management team or ‘ownership’, then we can break the GPL monopoly, and new companies can compete to supply areas. For example, planned industrial estates, such as being developed in Enmore, can be supplied by a new, independent power station run by an independent entity. GPL has failed to deliver a solution; the Government can keep trying to flog this horse or move to introduce new bloodstock; whatever the choice, there is the need to fix the energy supply crisis as a matter of national urgency.

Albert Einstein did describe ‘Insanity’ as continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result… so if interconnection is not the answer, disconnection may well be what we are missing.

Sincerely,Robin Singh