GGI’s Hinterland Poultry ‘Egg Sandwich’ Project continues to support regional commerce & enhanced local capacity

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Greater Guyana Initiative Team and some local Poultry Producers

The Greater Guyana Initiative’s (GGI) funded Hinterland Poultry ‘Egg Sandwich’ Project, is transforming hinterland poultry production, providing both nutritional and financial benefits to consumers and producers, enabling access to affordable, locally produced, high-quality chicken and eggs and reducing the importation of poultry products.

This GY$120 million investment project is executed by The Consultancy Group, in partnership with the Rupununi Livestock Producers Association (RLPA), with funding from the Greater Guyana Initiative (GGI). It is a noteworthy demonstration that the Stabroek Block co-venturers – ExxonMobil Guyana Limited, Hess Guyana Exploration Limited and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Petroleum Guyana Limited, are making an invaluable contribution to Guyana’s socioeconomic development, beyond oil and gas.

During a recent visit to Region Nine, a team comprising GGI representatives experienced first-hand the tangible results of this pioneering project, while understanding its impact on regional poultry production and commerce, and how it is enhancing the livelihood of residents and impacting the RLPA.

Through GGI’s support, the project has successfully reached all 57 communities in the Rupununi, with over 80% now actively engaged in poultry farming. The Region’s first ever state-of-the-art hatchery was established with the capacity to process 2160 eggs at once. To date, over 7000 eggs were successfully hatched, and more than 18000 dual purpose chickens sold. Additionally, 1116 new and existing poultry farmers across the Rupununi were formally trained in poultry production methods and management, of which 696 were women–operating in a traditionally male-dominated livestock sector.

Countless market opportunities for Rupununi poultry producers, including supplying products to the region’s school feeding “hot meal” programme, an initiative of the Ministry of Education, and employment creation are direct outcomes created by the project.

GGI continues to make an invaluable contribution to Guyana’s socioeconomic development by fostering regional commerce, sustainable economic growth and enhancing local capacity. [Press Release]