Linden/Mabura Project: 70km of road to be completed by year-end

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Works ongoing on the Linden/Mabura Road Project

The transformative US$190 million Linden to Mabura Road project is making significant progress with works 24 per cent completed.

The critical road network is utilised by 50,000 Guyanese transporting goods from the coast into the inlying regions of Guyana.

Therefore, recognising the difficulties that commuters face when maneuvering the main dirt road, which usually puts the safety of travellers as well as their goods at risk, the government in collaboration with its financial partners, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and the United Kingdom embarked on this massive project to resurface the road.

Detailing the scope of works and advancement of the project, Alya Construc-tora’s Operational Director, Juarez Miranda told the Department of Public Information (DPI), that works are being executed in stages to complete 70 kilometres of the project by year-end.

Currently, the contractor works as far as 45 kilometres of the 121-kilometre project.

Miranda explained, “We have this segment of 28 kilometres paved with two layers of asphalt so the progress is going well.”

He further highlighted that works on the two bridges located 75 and 87 kilometres within the project span are set to commence in August when the rainy season ends.

The construction company also has an asphalt and crusher plant to accelerate the project.

The historic project was signed in 2023 and is slated to be completed by July 2025. It is part of the government’s strategic plan to ensure connectivity by linking the coast and hinterland, eventually linking Guyana to Brazil.

The project will also be linked to the deep-water harbour to facilitate the movement of goods and services in and out of northern Brazil.