Beenie Man’s Son Moses Released Tribute Song For Late Mother

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Beenie Man’s son Moses Davis Jr., aka Moses, released a heartfelt single, “Constant Pain (Tribute to Janet),” for his late mother, Janet Harris, who died in 2022. The younger Davis, who is no newcomer to music, pours his pain into the song, sharing his methods for coping, which include excessive partying, consumption of alcohol, and smoking marijuana.

For those who are new to Moses Davis Jr.’s music, he is Beenie Man’s eldest son, and he has been battling sickle cell disease for years. In a video shared on his Instagram account, Davis spoke about getting tremendous support from his mother as he pursued a career in music, much like his famous father.

“She always sending out my music out there and always making sure I had everything I need to move forward,” he said. “As a youth growing up, seeing my mom proud of me actually doing something, she kinda influenced my love for music. Just doing something that she can literally sit there and brag about that her son doing music and everything now.”

“She always pushed me to continue, always making sure I had everything to move forward.”

Davis also shared a fond memory of his mother crying after seeing him perform live in Jamaica for the first time. “One cherished memory that I have of my mom would be my first time performing in Jamaica,” he shared. “She couldn’t stop crying and telling me how proud she was of me, and that really impacted me and persuaded me to continue doing music.”

The song “Constant Pain (Tribute to Janet)” was produced by Visual Sound Records, VSR, co-founded by Paul McAllister, who himself had glowing things to say about Davis and his late mother.

“Moses draws inspiration from the strength and resilience instilled in him by his late mother,” the producer said. “Crafted with soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this song is a touching homage to the enduring love and cherished memories Moses holds of his mom.”

Moses released three new singles over the past couple of weeks, including the single “Live Life,” for which Beenie Man made a cameo in the music video.