T.I. Responds To Boosie Badazz Calling Him A ‘Rat’ And Canceling Album

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Boosie Badazz says he’s done with Atlanta rapper T.I. as he revealed that he is also shelving their joint album, which is ready for release. TIP is also clapping back while questioning the motive.

T.I. announced last week that he is ready to drop his final and 12th studio album, Kill the King. The rapper appears to have gotten on the wrong side of Boosie, who revealed that they were working on a joint album.

In his latest VladTV visit, the Louisiana rapper was asked about Cash Money Records CEO Birdman’s older brother Terrance “Gangsta” Williams, who testified in court against a dead friend to free himself from a possible 27 years to a life sentence.

Boosie Badazz was asked about Terrence cooperating with authorities and his thoughts on a similar situation with rapper T.I. who revealed that he and his cousin was in a situation with a gun case, and T.I.’s cousin had died, and he cooperated with the feds against his dead cousin.

“Snitch-uation with Terrence I don’t even know if that’s true. With the T.I. situation, if he did that, you a f**king rat too,” Boosie said.

He continued, “If you do anything wrong, you do anything criminal and you cooperate with law enforcement to get you out of trouble, that means you are corroborating, that means you are a rat.”

Boosie Badazz

Boosie also went on to say he believed that the rapper had lied for podcast views.

“Imma tell you this when I saw it, I think T.I. f**king lying. I think he went up there and got to f**king talking. You think something happens at 17/18 years old right, you gon hold, how vocal he is, I been around this [man] you gon hold that in all this damn time? All this damn time for twenty-something years you gon hold it in and it now came out.”

Boosie also said that he woke up to his phone blowing up after the T.I. podcast statement, and many of his friends and family told him he can’t release an album with T.I. because he “stands on business.”

Boosie Badazz added that the album couldn’t be released due to T.I.s statements.

“Talking and vibing with this man, I don’t think he could have held it in all these years. I don’t think he could have held that in all these years and I’m like why the f**k he said that and we got a f**king album coming out?” Boosie.

Last month, Boosie had high hopes that his joint album with T.I. was harder than Drake and 21 Savage’s ‘Her Loss’ album.

During his Vlad sits down last month, though, Boosie spoke about how much he respected T.I., whom he referred to as a “longtime friend.”

“First we were shooting a reality show that we finna start pitching with our sons, us getting on our sons’ ass and sh*t and we was like we might as well get us a cheque right quick, we might as well do us an album…we f**king round and before he know it he has four- five songs in email… we got a great album bro,” he said adding that he listened to ‘Her Loss’ and it came nowhere near to his and TIP’s album.

T.I. claps back at Boosie Badazz over snitch statement

T.I. has since issued a fiery response to Boosie Badazz, whom he has been friends with for years. According to TIP, his collaborator could’ve take up his phone and call him for clarification.

“Yeah so… Idk if it’s you or ya ‘OG Uncle’ that needs to see it… but I GOT MY PAPERWORK ready to show!!! PULL UP!!! My number the same & my address the same,” T.I. wrote. “To get on da net & speak on shit you’ve never spoke to me about is leaving me to believe you been hiding ya heart the whole time!!!! I’d NEVER speak “certain disrespect” on your name/reputation bout a “IF” homie… da convict code say When in doubt…pull the paperwork out!!! & “IF” you ain’t did that.”

“Idk what type of time you on but I say again,” T.I. continues. “IF it was a question or confusion bout anything I said you could’ve called and asked …. so u can report back & tell ya ‘OG’ …or you could’ve pulled up & checked the blk & white like I’m offering now. Either way tho my ni— … I ain’t bound to no ni—‘s opinion of me… cause what dey “THINK” will NEVER overrule what I KNOW!!! So don’t wonder no mo’ homie…. answer the “IF”… PULL UP & report back to da rest of these ni—z who opinions matter so much to you. Cause I could Give a F*** bout what no ni— think bout me!!! “The tail shall never wag the dog” Leadership Leads…. wit facts and stats… we don’t follow no fantasyland shit…remember that!!! & I ain’t bending my knees for nothing or fearing nothing but GOD!!! So cmon & see what you speaking bout so next time you can speak intelligently.”