“Quality and timely delivery” top priority as $963M in contracts signed to upgrade Police Stations across Guyana

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Home Affairs Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Andre Ally signing the contract with one of the nine contractors

In a move to modernise law enforcement infrastructure, the Home Affairs Ministry has signed some G$963,829,709 in contracts to upgrade police stations across the country as part of a commitment by the Government to enhance safety and security in Guyana.

Permanent Secretary, Andre Ally, signed nine capital contracts for the Guyana Police Force in the Ministry’s boardroom on Monday.

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn, along with a team of engineers from the ministry’s Projects Department, witnessed the signing and underlined the collaborative effort involved in these crucial initiatives.

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn

In addressing the contractors, Minister Benn underscored the critical importance of completing all projects within budget, on time, and with the highest standards of quality and safety.

He emphasized the need for strict adherence to project guidelines, stating, “All projects should be completed at or within budget. There should not be any surprises. We’ve noticed some issues with the time and the quality, which seem to stem from a lack of attention to the contract’s distinct terms and conditions. It’s crucial that we all, as a team, understand and adhere to these conditions for successful project delivery.”

He reflected on his recent engagements, “Earlier, I met with the New York Police Department. We spoke on the soft issues: improvements in police culture, how they treat people, the empathy they show people and police diversity. But all of that will not be possible unless we do these things to put in the physical infrastructure that will match our desired policing and increase public safety and security in the country.”

The Home Affairs Minister further stressed the paramount importance of quality and safety in project execution.

“Quality and timely delivery within budget is of utmost importance. Safety is especially important. We don’t want people injured on our projects. There’s money in these contracts to outfit your people with safety wear, helmets, safety boots, gloves, etc. And we want them to have those. We encourage you to pay attention to engineering contract management. You need to pay attention to your technician, engineer, and employees to get the job done in the way it’s meant to be done in the contracts.”

Minister Benn added, “We terminated a few contracts last month because people didn’t take us seriously. We were not the first government agency to do that. But we are coming under tremendous pressure to meet what is called the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP).”

In closing, the Home Affairs Minister called for enhanced communication and collaboration, stating, “I want to encourage you to inform us if there is a problem. If you have difficulties, let us know as soon as possible. If we have challenges that you think we could work with, let us know early. We have our engineers, the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Ally, and others. Let us work on this together to get it done. So, thank you all very much, and let’s work on this together.”

PS Andre Ally with one of the contractors

The $963 million contracts encompass a range of projects aimed at modernizing police stations and improving operational efficiency. Among the notable projects are:

1. Reconstruction of Orella Police Station, Region No.6

• Contractor: 4S Security & Building Enterprise

• Amount: G$109,860,082.00

2. Infrastructural Works at Den Amstel Police Station, Region No.

• Contractor: M&D Investments

• Amount: G$88,942,350.00

3. Reconstruction of North Ruimveldt Police Station – Region No.4

• Contractor: Vishal’s Contracting

• Amount: G$123,800,021.00

4. Reconstruction of Mahaica Police Station, Region No.4

• Contractor: Kawal Ramdeen General Construction

• Amount: G$143,615,544.00

5. Reconstruction of Beterverwagting Police Station, Region No.4

• Contractor: Alliance Construction & General Supplies

• Amount: G$119,027,202.00

6. Construction of Wharf and Boat House at Mabaruma, Region No.1

• Contractor: ProRed Resources

• Amount: G$52,934,500.00

7. Construction of Wharf and Boat House at Morawhanna, Region No.1

• Contractor: ProRed Resources

• Amount: G$59,062,850.00

8. Reconstruction of Imbotero Police Station, Region No.1

• Contractor: K & K Boat Building construction & General Supplies

• Amount: G$144,900,000.00

9. Upgrade of Highway Patrol Base to a Police Station, Region No.4

• Contractor: Hoosein Logistics & Supplies Inc.

• Amount: G$121,687,160.00

Meanwhile, PS Ally highlighted the crucial role that timely and high-quality project completion plays in the country’s economic growth and security.

Some of the contractors who benefited from the $963M in works to be done

“The economy is rapidly growing, and the rate at which we complete these projects is directly correlated to the security of the country and the quality to which it is done. With that being said, I expect that all contracts are executed within scope and within time and, most importantly, with quality being top priority.”

Addressing the contractors present, the Permanent Secretary noted, “The fact that you’re all sitting in this room means you’re all seasoned contractors. You would have executed contracts previously for this or a similar amount. We have a full team of engineers who will be supervising these projects.”

Ally reiterated the importance of adhering to the project requirements: “As I mentioned, I expect all the projects to be finished within time, within the scope and budget, to the best of quality. I reiterated that because that’s most important, and that’s the bottom line.”

To ensure compliance and progress, the PS emphasized, “We will be managing these projects and checking in with you. If you fall behind, we’ll be sending you letters.”

These projects underscore the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to ensuring safety and security throughout Guyana. By modernizing police stations and enhancing infrastructure, the Ministry aims to create a safer environment for all citizens while bolstering law enforcement capabilities.