Over 15,000 pupils receive meals during NGSA this year

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

The Ministry of Education has distributed over 49,500 meals, including breakfast and lunch to over 15,000 pupils countrywide who sat the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) between May 2-3.

Despite some hiccups during the process, Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand deemed the programme a major success.

“When you are dealing with 15,000 kids and a large number of caterers, which are really small business women mostly, and more than 500 locations, you will get some hiccups. I am very happy that the programme was successful, where we had problems, we are reviewing to make sure those never reoccur,” Minister Manickchand stated during a live Facebook broadcast Friday last.

She also highlighted the outstanding turnout for this year’s examination, noting that the attendance clearly shows good management in the education sector, even after COVID-19 wrecked parts of the learning system.

“I am happy to say that with 95 per cent of the attendants registered…We are retaining more children in the system…[And this has] to do with some of our measures,” the education minister added.

Additionally, pupils with special education needs and those who were differently abled that wrote the NGSA were also provided with support.

Over the years, the ministry has implemented many initiatives to curb the learning loss which includes the launching of the literacy and robotics programme in February 2023.

The undertaking has provided intensive remedial intervention to fast-track the learner’s literacy skills, especially their ability to read.

Additionally, the government procured all the necessary textbooks for primary school pupils over the last two years.

The ministry is working to make sure every child can read fluently by Grade Four, while providing every student with equitable access to education and the tools they need to become innovative and productive.

Meanwhile, the marking process has already begun for the NGSA, and results are expected to be available on or before July 5.