MV Ma Lisha enters drydock 1 year after delivery

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
MV Ma Lisha

As part of the contractual agreement between the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) of the Public Works Ministry and the Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers Ltd. (GRSE), MV Ma Lisha which was delivered one year ago entered drydock for three weeks to complete an administrative process of “Guarantee Slipping”.

By doing this, the vessel can exit its defects liability period and the retained sum can be paid to its builders. Vessel “Slipping” involves lifting the ship from the sea along special rails, and then moving it to a location where its surfaces can be viewed from various angles.

According to the contract entered into with the T&HD and GRSE – Guarantee Slipping allows for all materials and fittings and all equipment upon the vessel to be fully inspected and checked and for any issue that may have arisen during the first year of operation to be rectified.

This is to be completed at a date and place to be appointed by the Project Manager, which shall be on or about the expiry of 12 months after the date of the Acceptance Certificate in respect of that Vessel.

The scope of the services to be carried out as part of Guarantee Slipping include but are not limited to renewal of the lubricating oil and replacement of the filters for the main engines and gearboxes as per the manufacturer’s recommendations; cleaning of all the engine air filters and changing the filter elements as necessary; cleaning the coolers of the engines and renewing all zinc anodes if provided; checking all the engines’ belts and adjusting if necessary; checking tappet clearances for the inlet and exhaust valves, ignition timing and the idle speed and adjusting if necessary; conducting function tests for the engines’ protection system and their associated sensors, gauges, and other measuring devices; and any other work required or recommended by the engine manufacturer.

The cost of the Guarantee Slipping is being borne by the GRSE and the works are being carried out at the Guyana Port Inc. located at Supply, East Bank Demerara.

A team from GRSE led by Commander Kartic, the Project Manager, is in charge of coordinating the activities. The MV Ma Lisha will resume full service at the end of this administrative period. In the interim, the MV Kimbia will ply the Georgetown to Kumaka route.