Father of 4 killed after rescuing fellow villager from attackers

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Joseph Forde

Joseph Forde, a 44-year-old contractor of Middle Street, Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara (ECD), lost his life on Thursday evening after he was chopped and shot by a group of men who were angered by his intervention to rescue a fellow villager from their brutal attacks.

The man’s wife, Shewanna Burnett told this publication that on Tuesday, her husband was heading to the Plaisance Line Top when he came across about four men who were brutally assaulting a resident of their community.

The woman explained that her husband, who was at the time riding his bicycle, dismounted and went to the fellow villager’s aid.

Forde reportedly successfully rescued the man and transported him to the hospital for treatment.

Since this incident, the woman explained that her husband was subjected to threats from the group of assailants.

Then on Thursday, at around 21:00hrs, the man had departed his home to go to the Plaisance Railway Embankment.

Whilst there, he was reportedly attacked by the same group of men.

Reports reaching this publication are that Forde was forcibly removed from his bicycle and badly beaten and chopped about his body.

He was eventually reportedly shot by one of the suspects.

The man’s wife explained that she was at home when she received the call, informing her about her husband’s condition.

Upon rushing to the scene, the woman said she saw her husband motionless in a pool of blood. He was later pronounced dead.

“My husband was a quiet person; anyone can attest to that. He had a passion for helping and rescuing people. I demand justice for him. They’ve taken him away from his family, from his children,” the grieving woman expressed.