Fabian Is Not A Marley



LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — A series of DNA tests prove definitively that the man who calls himself Fabian “Marley” is without question not related to Bob Marley. Instead, the tests demonstrate conclusively that Fabian is the natural born son of Othneil Stanford.

“The DNA tests show with scientific certainty that Fabian Marley is not the half-brother of either Rohan Marley, Stephen Marley or Robert N. Marley. In addition, similar DNA tests show the probability of Fabian Marley being the son of Othneil Stanford is 99.99%,” said Dr. Karl A. Reich, Scientific Director of Independent Forensics DNA Testing & Technologies. Independent Forensics is a fully accredited and well renowned DNA testing laboratory in Illinois.

The Marley family has repeatedly maintained that Fabian was an imposter who only asserted his familial relationship to Bob Marley in order to advance his music career. But for years Fabian had refused to undertake a DNA test with an accredited forensics laboratory. His most recent manager, Clayton Thomas, finally convinced Fabian to undergo the DNA test in October 2015 at an accredited DNA laboratory, and the results unequivocally demonstrate that Fabian cannot be the son of Bob Marley.

Fabian’s mother, Ms. Raphie Munroe, said about her son, “This is crazy talk. I never in my life told my son that Bob Marley was his father. I don’t know how he came up with this, but it is not true. It never happened. I don’t know where he got this from, but no one in the family ever said this even once.”

Fabian’s eldest sister, Sandra Stanford Walker, confirmed, “Something is wrong with him, this is not normal behavior. Everyone knows he is not a Marley. His family, his friends, everyone in our community knows he is not Bob Marley’s son. Fabian is troubled and we want to put an end to his lies.”

A spokesperson for the Marley family stated, “The Marley family is pleased to finally have this matter behind us. We have said repeatedly that this man who calls himself Fabian is not the son of Bob Marley. The tests now prove we were correct. We hope he can finally accept the truth of his own true heritage.”

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