Young Thug’s Dad Tells Lil Baby To ‘Shut The… Up’ About Gunna

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Young Thug’s father is not a fan of Lil Baby dissing Gunna in his latest song, “350.”

The Quality Control rapper raised some eyebrows this week when he released his new song with some lines targeting Gunna. While this is not the first time Lil Baby is dissing Gunna, it’s the first time that someone close to Young Thug, like his father, is sharing their feelings about it.

Williams Sr. sat down with journalist Infamous Sylvia, where he was reacting to Young Thug’s trial delay after one of the YSL co-defendants was stabbed in jail. The elder Williams also shared his frustration with rappers like Lil Baby disrespecting Gunna by calling him a rat after copping a plea deal a year ago in the same case Thugger is now on trial.

“He needs to shut the f**k up because he doesn’t know what’s going on,” Williams Sr. said. “He’s going off what he heard.”

Williams Sr. also questioned why rappers like Lil Baby and others who are dissing Gunna never showed up to court to support his son, who is facing life in prison if convicted.

“Ask Lil Baby has he ever come to a court date?” he continues. “That’s what I want y’all to ask these goddamn rappers and these bloggers with this old snitch sh**. When have y’all went to a court date to support Slime, to support Jeffrey, to support Thug? However you wanna name him. Go on their social media pages and say, ‘Why in the f*** haven’t you been to the courthouse to support your dude?’ And I guarantee you won’t get an answer. So that’s how I feel. Everybody that hasn’t been there needs to shut the f*** up about Gunna.”

Lil Baby also dissed Gunna during one of his recent performances on his It’s Only Us tour stops. There was a segment right before Baby hit the stage when the DJ was playing “Drip Too Hard,” with the song echoing throughout the venue. It appears the “350” rapper didn’t like that and yelled through his microphone, “F*** the rats, turn this sh** off.” The tour DJ immediately stopped the song from playing. Some fans accused Baby of orchestrating the entire thing for PR since he must’ve already known the song’s playlist for his own tour.

Lil Baby isn’t the only rapper who called out Gunna over alleged snitching claims. Lil Durk and Boosie Badazz have also previously shared their strong opinions on the “Pushin P” rapper taking a plea deal and securing his release from jail.

“But if you a rat, you a rat,” Durk said in an interview with DJ Akademiks in May of this year. “If you rewind the clip a little bit, I looked into the camera and I told you, if you a rat, I f***ing hate you. Because I love Thug.”

Nevertheless, Young Thug’s father insisted that Gunna had not done anything that could potentially hurt Thug’s case.