Work at Corriverton Market 95% completed

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

In a matter of weeks, vendors in Corriverton, Region Six, will resume their trade in a refurbished facility, with the market’s rehabilitation project currently at 95 per cent completion.

The project is being executed at $45 million.

Mayor of the Corriverton Town Council, Imran Amin, speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Monday, highlighted the significant progress made, noting that the roof has been fully constructed, with only final touches remaining on the stalls.

He explained, “So, remember the project was awarded to two contracting companies. One to build the roof and the other to build the stalls. So, the first company is finished with its work and now the other one is working on the stalls of the three vendors that were affected badly by the fire.”

The rehabilitation works, undertaken in phases to adhere to safety standards, were done after a fire that engulfed a section of the market in November last year, directly impacting three vendors and causing minor damages to an additional 15.

Mayor Amin expressed confidence that by the end of the month, all works on the market will be concluded, thanks to the concerted efforts of both contractors.

Providing further insights, Town Clerk Narindra Sukhram disclosed that the second contractor is currently applying finishing touches to the stalls, with a focus on painting and addressing electrical wiring requirements.

“They are currently painting… In addition to that, what is remaining is the electrical wiring for the market which the ministry is currently looking into,” the Town Clerk Sukhram said.

He explained that just about a week ago officers from the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development met with the Town Council and requested that it identify a suitable area to place the metre boxes which will be installed by the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Inc.

As soon as the process is completed the vendors will be able to enter the market and recommence their usual business. [DPI]