Water as only teatime drink ‘will combat child obesity’


Children should be given only water to drink at teatime to help tackle the obesity crisis, experts argue. A group of nutritional scientists said sugary drinks were empty calories, damaged health and contributed to obesity. They argued people were “out of the habit of drinking water”, which should be put on the table with every meal. The call comes as Public Health England prepares to publish its plans for cutting the…

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MoChester brings rock-reggae to Docksider - GoErie.com

MoChester brings rock-reggae to Docksider
Their good vibes spill into MoChester's music, which blends pop, ska and reggae influences into spirited, danceable songs. Sublime is a clear influence, but so are such artists as the Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, 311, O.A.R. and their original ...