Wakenaam logger allegedly shot dead by co-worker

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Police are investigating the murder of 29-year-old Rohit Hansraj called ‘Master’, of Wakenaam Island which occurred on May 28 at Tiger Creek, Essequibo River.

Hansraj was allegedly shot dead by a 35-year-old co-worker of Alikie, Essequibo River.

Investigation revealed that the suspect and victim both worked for Toolsie Persaud Logging Company as operators in the Tiger Creek area, Essequibo River.

On the said date at around 14:00hrs, the now dead man along with two other workers were consuming alcohol at the area. The suspect approached one of the other workers and accused him of “looking” at his wife.

Hansraj intervened and managed to get the suspect to return to his cabin.

The suspect, shortly after, retuned with a shotgun.

Hansraj and the suspect became embroiled in an argument during which the suspect discharged a round from the firearm which struck Hansraj to his upper left shoulder area.

The suspect then escaped into some nearby bushes with the said firearm.

The police were subsequently informed and upon arrival at scene, the body of Hansrah was seen laying face-up clad in a blue trouser and grey jersey. The body was examined and a gaping wound was seen to the upper left shoulder.

The body was escorted to the Bartica Hospital where an official pronouncement of death was given by a doctor.

Police ranks in the division are on the look-out for the suspect as investigations continue.