Venezuelan shop owner shot dead during altercation at Mowasie Landing

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Dead: Rosmarisf Revolledo Torres also called “Mary”

A Venezuelan national who operated a drinking spot at Mowasie Landing, Konawaruk, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) was shot dead during an altercation on Friday.

The dead woman has been identified as 28-year-old Rosmarisf Revolledo Torres also called “Mary”, of Caracas, Venezuela.

Based on reports received, the suspect operates a mining operation at Mowasi Backdam, Konawaruk, and also operates a shop at the said landing with his 18-year-old girlfriend.

Police stated that on the day in question at about 13:30h, Torres’ sister, her two friends, and a male, Andrew, were consuming alcohol next to the deceased’s shop.

At the time, the suspect was inside his shop and a heated argument had broken out between him and his girlfriend. In trying to make peace, Andrew went over to the suspect’s house and asked him to behave himself.

Torres also spoke with the suspect about his behaviour, but this angered him.

This resulted in a heated argument between Torres and the suspect. At the time of the argument, Torres was carrying a cutlass in her hands and she started to fire chops at the suspect but missed.

In retaliation, the suspect picked up several pieces of bricks and started to pelt Torres and the others.

Torres along with her 12-year-old daughter, sister, and two friends escaped in some bushes about 250 feet away from the landing. The suspect reportedly climbed onto a motorcycle and went after them.

Police stated that Torres’s daughter told investigators that the suspect, who was armed with a suspected pump-action shotgun, discharged three rounds in their direction during which her mother and another woman, Eliannys Perozo, received injuries.

Her mother, she stated, fell on her back and became motionless. Torres’s sister reportedly made it back to the landing and raised an alarm. The matter was immediately reported to the Police via a 911 call.

Upon their arrival, Police ranks found Torres lying on her back with gunshot injuries to her upper left back, left ribs, and upper left thigh. On the hand, Perozo sustained a wound to her left side head, and three wounds to her right shoulder.

The scene was processed during which three pairs of slippers, a silver chain, three beer bottles, a small pair of scissors, and a red head tie were found.

Torres and Perozo were taken to the Mahdia District Hospital where Torres was pronounced dead. Perozo was treated and admitted as a patient in a stable condition. The Police are on the hunt for the suspect, who went into hiding.