Venezuelan miner hacked to death in Region 7

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Police in Regional Division #7 (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) are probing the murder of a Venezuelan miner who was hacked to death during a drunken row on Friday.

Dead is 21-year-old Adrian Williams, a Venezuelan National of San Martin who was living and working as a miner at Quartzstone Landing, Cuyuni River.

The incident occurred on Friday at about 00:30h at Quartzstone Landing.

According to the police, Williams was reportedly murdered by another identifiable male Venezuelan National called “Pellupa”.

Investigations revealed that around 23:30h on Thursday evening, Williams was imbibing at a shop in the area with the suspect and another Venezuelan National called ‘Barber’.

According to the owner of the shop, he closed the business and retired to bed around 23:00h. About 30 minutes later, he heard a loud noise coming from in front of his shop.

The man, upon investigating, saw the deceased and ‘Barber’ involved in a scuffle but were eventually separated by onlookers.

After they left, the shop owner returned to bed.

However, another resident in the area related to investigators that around the same time, he heard a loud noise and upon venturing outside, he observed the suspect (Pellupa) standing over Williams with a cutlass, attempting to chop him further. However, he was deterred by onlookers and later made his escape, leaving an injured Williams in the middle of the walkway in a pool of blood.

Police ranks were informed and visited the area, where they found the body of 21-year-old Williams on the ground clad in short pants, with no footwear or top.

The ranks further examined the body and observed several chop wounds to the right-side chin, throat, the left side head, and the right shoulder of the man.

A small bottle of rum was found in the dead man’s pants pocket.

Efforts are being made to apprehend both suspects who were last seen with Williams.

Investigations are ongoing.