UWI Students Guild president resigns

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Kobe Sandy, UWI St Augustine campus student guild president. –

KOBE Sandy has resigned as the president of the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine’s Students Guild.

Sandy, who held the title for the last two years announced this on Monday morning saying he is “unable to carry this guild council further.”

In a statement, he said he did some “serious reflection” regarding his development when it comes to leadership, adding that the guild “undoubtedly contributed to (his) growth…transformed the very being of (his) thinking and provided an avenue to support (his) peers.”

He also previously served as the guild’s national affairs chairperson.

“For the last 20 months, the guild has made significant strides under my leadership, from seeking new opportunities to engage the student body to ensuring that the most vulnerable among us are remembered during the worst of the pandemic.

“Whether it was working to ensure the guild has a seat at the table to influence national policy or whether it was meeting key officials in government for more opportunities for students, the guild will certainly be remembered for developing significant relationships with the regional and international community and forging networks with members of the business community and civil society.”

He said there is a need for “new and fresh faces” in the office of the guild president, and he hopes to focus on new opportunities.

He said he was given an opportunity that will provide another platform for him to continue national service, which is his passion.

“I know that this would come as a great shock to some but I believe this is in the best interest of the members of the guild council 2022/2023.

“I thank most of all the student body of this campus for always reposing their confidence in me and believing in my vision for them. I would like to also thank the administration for working with me for the last 20 months to collectively support the student body and all entities, individuals, and partners for trusting my leadership to network with the guild for the last year and a half.”

His resignation will take effect on February 4.

Sandy told Newsday he does not yet wish to comment on what he will be moving on to, but confirmed a new president will be elected in March.

The guild’s vice president Kyle Bisnath will act as president until May 31.