Update: Overheated electrical appliances caused Corentyne fire

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

See full statement from the Guyana Fire Service:

At 09:34 hrs yesterday, the Fire Service responded to a fire at Lot P Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice.

Eight firefighters, Water Tender #101, and #78 from Corriverton and Rose Hall fire stations were dispatched carrying 9085 liters of water. The first unit arrived at 09:39 hrs, and the first jet was applied at 09:40 hrs.

The two-storey wooden building involved, owned by 54-year-old Raymond Singh and occupied by Mahendea Persaud as an Upholstery Shop, was completely destroyed due to the fire.

The fire’s purported cause was the overheating of energized electrical appliances, resulting in arcing and sparking that ignited nearby combustible materials.

Rita’s Hotel and Bar, a three-storey building located at Lot 71 Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice owned by 62-year-old Kamaldo Ootra was also affected by the massive blaze. Radiated heat from the Building of Origin led to the destruction of the first and second floors, along with a wooden window on the southern side of the ground floor.

Also affected was a two-storey wooden and concrete building located at Lot G Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice owned by 68-year-old Chandkumar Hardyal. Due to radiated heat from Building A, various components on both floors of the building were affected.

Radiated heat also resulted in severe damage to a concrete fence and seven Guyana Power and Light meters.

To extinguish the fire, two jets operated from Water Tender #101’s tank supply, followed by a water relay from Water Tender #78.