“This is a great embarrassment to my life” – mother of shot bandit

The mother of one of the three bandits who on Wednesday robbed Bharat’s Jewellery Store on Robb Street and Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown, has expressed frustration over the incident.

“This is a great embarrassment to my life,” the woman said as police arrested the suspect who was shot to his leg during the process.

Three men, aged 16, 17 and 21 robbed the jewellery store at around 12:15h and the trio was subsequently apprehended at South Road, Georgetown whilst trying to escape.

Police Headquarters has since said that no rank fired any shots and it is unclear how the man received the gunshot wound.

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old owner of Bharat’s Jewellery Store, explained that he was at his business when the three young men entered.

The businessman said he turned away for less than a minute when he heard a loud sound and as he turned around, one of the perpetrators, who was armed with a gun, pointed the weapon to him.

The other two accomplices attempted to smash one of the showcases but it did not break and then they turned to another showcase where they broke the glass and removed a quantity of jewellery before making good their escape.

The trio reportedly escaped with a cellphone valued $38,000, a small amount of gold chains, finger rings and earrings.

Police, in a statement, said that a 30-year-old salesman at the store was also robbed.

According to Police, ranks on patrol duty were informed of the robbery and they gave chase in the suspects’ direction as they headed to South Road, Georgetown.

The suspects on seeing the ranks, continued to run in different directions in order to escape but they were cornered between Orange Walk and Alexander Street.

“One of the suspects, who sustained what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his right upper thigh, was searched but nothing was found on him or the others,” the Police said.

The injured suspect was escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he is presently receiving medical attention under police guard.

This is the second time in five years that the Bharat’s Jewellery Store has been robbed. In 2016, bandits stormed the store and made off with quantity of valuables.

Meanwhile, business owners in the area while commending Police for the quick response said that more law enforcement presence is needed.

One business owner told this publication that only last week a stall owner in the Bourda Market was robbed in a similar manner.

“The City Constabulary is a waste of time; the police need a better presence in the area. Christmas is approaching and better security measures needs to be put in place to protect businesses and citizens. Something needs to be done about security in this country,” one businessman said.