‘There will be consequences!’ – VP announces review of procurement systems countrywide

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has announced that the government will be reviewing all procurement systems countrywide, in a bid to clamp down on corrupt practices.

Jagdeo made the announcement during a press conference on Thursday, where he warned persons, “you get caught, you face the consequences.”

This review, the Vice President explained, could also feature sting operations being set up.

“Let me put on notice all of those people who are responsible for procurement in public corporations, statutory bodies, the ministries, regions, central ministries, everywhere, all the way up to the national tender board, that we’re examining the procurement procedures for compliance,” Jagdeo revealed.

“Let me make it clear that if we find that those officers are skirting the provisions of the law, the procurement law, then there shall be consequences for them,” he added.

Another issue the government will be clamping down on, Jagdeo said, is the delay in processing payments for contractors who have completed their respective jobs.

“…some of the accounting officers in the ministry and the clerks, they keep the processing of payments for people for days on their desks…they [contractors] have to run 10-15 times to get monies for work they already did…,” Jagdeo outlined.

In fact, he revealed that “the president has already spoken to the ministers” about this review, “to ensure this happens in their own sectors.”

“We’re going to take this matter seriously,” Jagdeo emphasised.

“If you get caught, don’t come later and complain that you have two kids or something else, or you belong to some party or something else, don’t come and complain about that…you get caught, you face the consequences!”