Temporary bridge completed as works progressing on the New DHB

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, on Thursday, disclosed that the temporary bridge, which is in place for the swift completion of the four-lane high span, New Demerara River Bridge, is 100 per cent completed.

He made the revelation during an inspection of ongoing works on the entire western section of the construction site of the New Demerara River Bridge.

While there, the public works minister was provided with a progress report on the ongoing works by the project engineer, contractor, consultant and other engineers.

“This bridge, apart from its transformational nature, is also tied into a time bound time specific contract arrangement. And that means that we have to be able to meet significant milestones to ensure that we are keeping the progress going. They have completed, based on the reports that I have received, 100 per cent of the temporary bridge. And they are now putting in the platforms that are required to do the work,” Minister Edghill disclosed.

Minister Edghill explained that another landmark will be achieved which is the pouring of the concrete to accommodate the 38 piles, which will form the platform.

He further explained, “So, the batching plants on both sides of the river, the landmark pouring of concrete that was estimated for the fifth of December, 2022, saw the pouring of concrete on the eastern side…Eight of those piles are completed. The benchmark time for starting the pouring of concrete on the 38 piles, over this side, is the sixth of January.”

As the bridge is being constructed to comply with international standards, Minister Edghill highlighted that a team, comprised of the project engineer, assistant engineer, consultant, travelled to China for two weeks to inspect all the facilities where the materials are being fabricated before shipment.

With heavy focus to ensure that the bridge is being built in accordance with international standards, Minister Edghill emphasised that a team consisting of the project engineer, assistant engineer, and consultant visited China for two weeks to inspect all the facilities where the materials are being fabricated before shipment.

In addition, Minister Edghill emphasised that, given the volume and scope of the work being undertaken there, maintaining an optimal level of material supply is the only other issue that they need to pay attention to.

He also indicated that all the safety issues have been resolved for the works to be executed.

“And one of the significant movements is that they are able now to work day and night. That day and night work will continue. They have been given all the clear guidance and safety measures that are required to ensure transit is safe…the work of the contractor is not hindered and that no one is injured while transiting…The contractor now has in place his platform so he could move in and out and expeditiously to get this contract sorted out,” Minister Edghill noted.

As part of the contractual agreement, the minister was assured the project would be completed by the end of 2024, meeting the deadline.

The work is being undertaken by China Railway Construction (International) Limited (CRCCL).

The 2.6-kilometre crossing will link Nandy Park on the East Bank of Demerara with La Grange on the West Bank. It will have four lanes, with a total width of 23.6 metres that includes the median, shoulders, and four lanes; providing sufficient room for safe and effective traffic flow. [DPI]