Stefflon Don’s Mother Speak On Beenie Man Relationship Allegation By Jada Kingdom

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Stefflon Don’s mother, Mariah, is denying claims by Jada Kingdom that she slept with dancehall legend Beenie Man and is taking money from her daughter and using it to finance young boys she is dating.

Jada Kingdom’s latest diss track is still reverberating as fans dissect the lyrics, which made Stefflon cop out of the clash that began days later.

In her song “Steff Lazarus,” Jada went after Stefflon’s entire family, including her brother, who she claims impregnated a 14-year-old child, her family allegedly selling drugs, and her mother’s alleged lifestyle.

“Yuh mumma ah di next one. Tell her leff young boy make him f**k the young gal dem/ a use daughter money mind man hear this/ she run go f**k Beenie Man that a nuh hearsay/ she a dash p*ssy from she have you inna belly. Like is a family thing,” Jada sang.

Jada Kingdom

Mumma London, who made her lyrical debut two years ago, also denied the claims by Jada.

“Fist ting every man mi deh with never no young boy mi don’t mind no man mi younger than man mi ever deh with mi never deh no young boy Aad don’t mind a three man mi ever dey with,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Both Jada and Stefflon Don have called out each other for claiming untruths in their songs. However, Jada has insisted that she is telling the truth because she has fans close to Stefflon who have given her ammunition to use against her.

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“You for forgot how much people f**k with me all bout and how much people you fall out wid. Like I have pictures, I have all that but I’m not gonna go there cause it’s weird. I been never wanted to do this sh*t with you. From the beginning, I asked if a me you a talk and you coulda day ‘if the cap fit wear it’ but no you go drop song and change me name,” Jada said in a live video on Wednesday night.

In the meantime, Stefflon Don doesn’t seem to be done with Jada, as she said on Thursday morning that she’s releasing another diss track for Jada.

Jada has said she is done with the beef but still went ahead and dropped her latest diss track.

Both artists have also received unprecedented exposure as their beef takes over blogs and news sites online.