St. Vincent And The Grenadines National Receives Only Fraction Of Payout


CaribWorldNews, LONDON, England, Mon. April 19, 2010: A 28-year-old  Foreign and Commonwealth soldier born in St Vincent and the Grenadines has won only a fraction of the compensation she was seeking from the British Army.

Tilern DeBique, a single mother of one, had sued the Army for more than £1million claiming the Army failed to provide her with a babysitter for her daughter Tahlia, now four.

She was, however, awarded just £17,016 by an employment tribunal which ruled that DeBique `unreasonable` to reject the `unique` offer of a five-year posting to the Army`s Blandford garrison in Dorset that had childcare facilities.

The panel at Central London Employment Tribunal awarded DeBique £15,000 plus interest of £2,016 for hurt feelings. Her original claim of £1.14 million compensation was branded `perverse` by the MoD, included £473,535 for loss of earnings, £325,160 for loss of benefits such as healthcare and education for her daughter, £315,562 for loss of pension rights, £18,000 for hurt feelings and £10,000 for aggravated damages.

The payout marks an end to the former lance corporal`s long-running legal battle against the Ministry of Defence.


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