Specialist Math Teachers being created to improve student learning

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Specialist Mathematics Teacher Training programme commences at

Over the next four days, 30 teachers from across Region Four will be engaged in a Specialist Mathematics Teacher Training programme.

The programme aims to prepare primary school teachers to serve as SpecialistMathematics Teachers of the Number and Operations Strand of Grades One to Fourcurriculum and develop a repository of resources for them to utilize when planning theirsessions.

The programme is being hosted in NCERD’s auditorium and is a collaborationwith the Government of Canada through the Canada Caricom Expert EmploymentProgramme (CCEP).

During brief remarks, Director of NCERD, Ms Quenita Walrond-Lewis said that theprogramme plays a significant part in the rollout of the renewed curriculum. Sheexplained that while the new Mathematics curriculum is guided by international bestpractices, it is contextually prepared for Guyana.

NCERD Director Quenita Walrond-Lewis

“We are not plucking and transplanting. We are assessing what is good what is quality,and what is best for our indigenous setting because that is the only way that theseinitiatives work. When we take the best that we can find around them and adapt for ourcontext.”

She added that also aligns with the education sector plan to create citizens who arecritical thinkers, problem solvers, and who are future stewards of this nation.

“So, we are excited because we get to do a new thing in primary mathematics educationwhere we bring learning back to the hearts of children, back to play, back to pedagogythat requires us to be curious, experimental, ask questions and seek answers in waysthat are endemic to the ways that children learn naturally which is throughmanipulation and experimenting implementation.”

Chief Education Officer, Dr Marcel Huston deemed the programme as transformativefor primary education and urged the participants to view the sessions as such.

“When we look at our strategic plan 2021-2025 Vision 2030, you will see thatMathematics is central to what we need to do in terms of reforming the school systemfor better results.”

High Commissioner of Canada to Guyana, His Excellency Mark Berman highlighted thisis the first in-person technical assistance initiative through CCEP being carried out inGuyana. He further expressed that this will be the first in many areas of expertiseCanada can bring to Guyana to work with professionals in several sectors.