Skeletal remains found at N/A could be there for more than two years – Commander

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

A contractor excavating land at Esplanade Park, New Amsterdam has stumbled upon a bag containing human remains. The discovery was made on Wednesday afternoon.

Upon the discovery, the Police were immediately informed and according to Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Shivpersaud Bacchus, the remains may have been there for at least three years.

“It looks like the remains of a human. The investigators found a skull and at this time, we can’t say if it is a male or female,” Bacchus said.

He explained that several limbs had been tied with a piece of rope. In addition, several pieces of clothing with blood stains were also found in the bag.

The area is about two minutes from the Central Police Station and as such, officers were there within minutes and cordoned off the area.

According to Commander Bacchus, the skeletal remains were in a detreated polyurethane bag with several pieces of clothing with what appeared to be blood stains.

“The remains themselves tell us that it has been there for a long period; the time probably extended over two or three years, because there is no bone marrow and there is no skin, but there are spots of what appeared to be spots of blood … on some of the clothing.”

Asked whether the case was being treated as a homicide, the Commander said the Police as of now were treating it as “skeleton remains found which resemble that of a human”.

The section of the park where the remains were found has overgrowth and has not been in use for decades. The Government is currently excavating the land to construct a building.

According to the Commander, a pathologist will be able to provide more information to assist investigators.

The remains and the pieces of clothing were taken to a private funeral home where a post-mortem is expected to be conducted.