Siblings open shop featuring exotic plants from around the world

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Some of the plants on sale at Nature’s Touch

By: Tassia Dickenson

A love for plants among three siblings led to the formation of a unique store featuring exotic plants from around the world – from countries as far as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and The Netherlands.

Vickram Persaud, 27, an accountant; Amrita Ramsingh, 22, a pharmacist; and Vickram Ramsingh, 21, an architect, decided to ditch their day jobs and pour their love and energy into carefully curating the perfect store “Nature’s Touch” as a paradise for Guyanese who similarly have a passion for plants.

Having travelled to different countries and experienced a wide variety of rare flora, the siblings birthed the idea to open the plant shop which was officially founded in June 2022.

“We are plant lovers. We came across plants that were rare, something that you wouldn’t see in normal plant shop in Guyana…,” Amrita explained to this publication.

After firmly deciding on the pathway towards entrepreneurship, the trio faced one of their initial challenges which was finding suppliers capable of importing to Guyana.

As with any other startups, more obstacles popped up but the trio was determined to realise their dream.

“Some of the plants being damaged upon arrival in the country, the cost to import…because of the plant we bring in, some people are not familiar with them, so we put a lot effort in marketing and getting the word out there, it’s draining sometimes but it’s worth it at the end,” Amrita noted.

The three siblings who opened Nature’s Touch

The young entrepreneurs had also explored the idea of cultivating some of the plants locally but given the climate requirements, it may not be possible.

“It is easier to maintain [the plants] with appropriate care,” Amrita said.

“From the beginning stages of these plants, it needs the climate and weather that it originates from, which is way different from our climate but a mature plant can easily adapt here with proper caring.”

Some of the unique plants available at the Gordon Street, Kitty, Georgetown shop are sunflowers, monsteras, fruit trees, roses, bonsais, cacti, palms, olive trees, and much more.

The trio are confident that their products will elevate anyone’s homes and surroundings.

“With the global need for [an] eco-friendly environment, Natures Touch decided that its aim in the business community was to ensure that people have accessibility to a variety of high-quality plants in every home with prices to fit each consumer pocket,” the founders shared.

“We are here to help reconnect people with the natural world and to inspire them to build and maintain more beautiful spaces. Whether you know nothing about owning plants or are an experienced green thumb.”

Natures Touch intends to promote its sales division through aggressive internet marketing and local cable advertising with a goal of opening another location.

“We plan to lead the way by renewing our visions and strategic focus of adding value to our target customers, we are aiming to bring [something] new, [something] rare, and something vintage to the table, as new expansion is underway to establish more than two stores,” the founders explained.

Apart from selling plants, the store sells craft pots, nibbi furniture, and other knickknack items. Nature’s Touch would also import plants upon customers’ request.

Interested persons can reach them via Instagram or on WhatsApp at +592 634-3599.