Several injured in 2-vehicle crash on Essequibo Coast

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The two vehicles at the scene of Friday evening’s crash

At least three persons received minor injuries after two vehicles crashed on the Essequibo Coast Friday evening.

The accident occurred sometime around 18:45 on the Riverstown Public Road, Essequibo.

Based on information reaching this publication, one of the vehicles had three occupants – the driver, his girlfriend and his cousin. The other vehicle, PVV 8635, only had the driver, who was reportedly intoxicated and was speeding.

Reports are that both cars were heading in the southern direction, when PVV 8635 was driving at a very fast rate and crash into the other car. This resulted in the driver of PVV 8635 losing control of the vehicle and hitting a lantern post, which broke and fell thus taking out the street light power in the village.

Meanwhile, after being hit, the second car with the three occupants flipped and turned turtled. The vehicle was badly damaged.

One resident related that “All we hear is boodum boom boom! Then suddenly we neighbour start one halla for her son because he left to go out at the said time of the accident.”

According to the residents, the three occupants were pulled from the wrecked vehicle and rushed to the hospital. However, there were no serious visible injuries.

Meanwhile, residents further claimed that after the crash, the driver of PVV 8635 said he had “plenty woman problem and nobody don’t know his feeling and what’s on his mind.”