Sagicor paves Piparo schoolyard

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Sagicor president and CEO Robert Trestrail –

Sagicor has adopted six primary schools, out of 80 entrants, from across the Caribbean and plans to restore, renovate and enhance their school environment, as part of its Adopt-a-School 2022/2023 programme.

Piparo Presbyterian Primary’s principal Magdalene Ali said, “Words can’t explain how thankful the staff, students, wider community and myself are.”

Ali said the school was established in 1889 as the Piparo Canadian Mission School and was later renamed.

“This school, though small in size and student population, has an enormous impact on the Piparo community, being the only primary school in this area.

Ali said the investment enhances the lives of all the students, as well as those attending in future.

“The physical education resources supplied by my Ministry of Education will now be fully utilised to make learning more enjoyable for my students. As a results of your intervention, the students will now have a play area where educational and recreational activities can take place. The holistic development of our students is an achievable goal because of your generosity.

“Sagicor Life, you are now etched into the history books of this school as well as the Piparo community.”

Social engagement officer Georgina Calendar said, Sagicor hoped to have an impact on the lives of students across the region.

“At Sagicor, our commitment to community is in our DNA. As our vision statement says, ‘To be a great company committed to improving the lives of people in the communities in which we operate.’”

Calendar said this year’s programme was the second instalment in a very rewarding programme.

President and CEO at Sagicor Robert Trestrail said the programme was part of Sagicor’s corporate social responsibility effort.

“The impact we can impart has always been important to us.”

He said Sagicor’s regional team identified schools in need. The shortlisted schools were contacted and their needs assessed. After evaluation, the Atkinson Primary School in Dominica will have educational murals, whiteboards and a projector; Boguis, St Lucia gets a mural, playground swings, sporting equipment and the repair of its gate; Deane Glasford, St Kitts and Nevis, gets a footpath; Ellerton, Barbados, the restoration of its library; Golden Grove, Antigua and Barbuda, school benches, remodelled kitchenette and multimedia equipment; and Piparo Presbyterian, TT, a paved schoolyard and refurbished restrooms.

Principal of Atkinson Primary in Dominica Sonia Benjamin said Atkinson, which is 40 years old, serves the entire Kalinago territory, and of its population of 91, 75 per cent are from the Kalinago territory.

“We try our best to provide a safe and healthy environment for students. We believe in inclusiveness, so we try to cater to their needs. Therefore we have a number of programmes, extra-curricular activities, music, agriculture, so we try to give the children skills and develop that whole child. We are happy to be selected.”

Communication manager Keisha Humphrey said the initial investment in these projects exceeded US$50,000, but that did not include additional activities and outreach planned for the remainder of the school year.

“Our impact is much more, it is our connection with our team members, leadership, parents, communities. Yes, there’s things you can see like refurbishments, pathways but the connection is much stronger than that.”

Over the past year, Trestrail said, schools have benefited from activities, health checks, education initiatives, Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day programmes, designed to show appreciation for the female teachers.

Some of the work will be completed during the Michaelmas term break in December, before schools reopen.

Selected schools:

Atkinson Primary, Dominica

Boguis Primary, St Lucia

Deane Glasford Primary, St Kitts and Nevis

Ellerton Primary, Barbados

Golden Grove Primary, Antigua and Barbuda

Piparo Presbyterian Primary, TT.