RE/MAX opens first office at MovieTowne Guyana

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
RE/MAX Guyana Office at MovieTowne

Globally-recognised real estate agency RE/MAX in collaboration with US Realty today opened its first location at the MovieTowne Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown.

Shiv Misir, a representative of RE/MAX who has been with the company for the past 25 years, stated that a part from selling real estate, the firm is looking to sell the franchise in Guyana.

“We are hoping to grow this business in Guyana, not only in MovieTowne because we have what you call the master franchise agreement for RE/MAX Guyana. So, our primary objective a part from selling real estate is to sell the franchise in different locations in Guyana,” he noted.

With the first buyer already securing a location in Mon Repos on the East Coast of Demerara, the company is looking to set up a number of offices at key locations countrywide by the end of this year.

“We just sold a franchise to a Guyanese. She bought the first franchise and she’ll be operating out of Mon Repos on the East Coast of Demerara. Her office will be setting up very soon,” Misir revealed.

“Right now, were looking at somebody for the East Bank; we’re looking at the West Bank, the West Coast, Essequibo, Berbice. We a need a few offices around the country because we’re getting a lot of calls,” he added.

According to Misir, up until now, Guyana was the only country in South America without a presence of RE/MAX.

“RE/MAX is the number one real estate organisation in the world. We have a presence in over 110 countries, we have over 8500 offices, about 140,000 agents worldwide and Guyana was the only country without a RE/MAX presence in South America up until now,” he remarked.

“Our neighbour, Brazil, for example, has 500 real estate offices, Venezuela has over 40 and these are our bordering countries. So, we’re here to expand and grow the business and market RE/MAX throughout Guyana,” the real estate expert noted.

Misir also stated that the company is looking to offer some level of training for real estate agents as Guyana does not offer any formal training in this area.

“RE/MAX has agreed to assist in that direction and I think somewhere towards the end of the year, September/October…we’ll be having a training session. It’s not only meant for agents within the RE/MAX community, it’s going to be opened to other real estate companies and brokerages in Guyana,” he explained.

“That we’ll be advertised and we’ll try to give enough notice so whoever wants to come on board for the training, they will be welcomed on board and hopefully that will be an ongoing thing,” Misir said.

Meanwhile, Uriel Seenarine, the Chief Executive Officer of US Realty, says he is excited about this collaboration.

“My target market actually here in Guyana is to attract the overseas property owners within the diaspora so I’m looking to utilise my media in New York in that expansion.”

“This venture here, it’s very special because it’s my first partnership in 26 years, so I found the right partners, so looking to take this to another level…I’m very excited about this.”