Rapper Eazy Exposed Remy Ma In Leaked Audio Amid Papoose Breakup

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain seemingly confirms that he and Remy Ma are together after months of speculation that she and her husband Papoose were no longer together.

Fans have been wondering if Eazy The Block Captain and Remy Ma were together after they were spotted together out at dinner despite her marriage to Papoose. On Friday, a voice note was leaked with Eazy seemingly addressing the rumors that he and Remy were together, and he wanted Papoose to address the speculations, in a leaked audio via HipHopdx.

“You corny as sh*t, bro. he corny. I feel like he deserves some pressure, too. I feel like tagging the n**a ‘yo Pap since real n***as do real things, tag Papoose –‘yo are you going to clear this allegation up or do you want me to’?” Eazy is heard saying.

Remy Ma and Eazy the Block Captain

It’s unclear if he is confirming or denying the allegations, but the rapper expressed frustration and continued, “ I would kill that n***a bro, like I’m saying. I’m not going to go into y’all personal business cause I told her that’s what she should do, but I’m putting the pressure on, dude…It’s gonna linger because they’re gonna expect me to say something.”

He continued that Papoose should clear up the rumors or say he would beat him.

“He needs to say something. It don’t have to be in my favour, it is in my favour because once you say something that I don’t like then I go live and boom! It’s over. She said she don’t want me too, she been on my ass like asking me ‘please don’t do it’,” he said about Remy asking him not to address the rumor publicly.

Eazy also claims that Papoose has posted photos without Remy and has caused the rumor to spread, but he hasn’t officially told fans what’s going on. The drill rapper also claims that he and Remy have been together.

“N**** starting to try to figure out ‘Yo E f****** with Remy? I been with shorty and she tell me don’t say nothing. n***as don’t know that she been at my crib since then,” he said.

Papoose and Remy have kept a tight lid on the state of their marriage, and this is the first time that Eazy has confirmed that they are together.