Pork-knocker allegedly drowns while crossing Konawaruk River

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

A pork-knocker is now missing after he and a co-worker were reportedly making their way across the Konawaruk River in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) two Sundays ago.

Missing is 27-year-old Samuel Henry of Lamaha Springs, Georgetown. His body is yet to be recovered.

In an interview with the Newsroom, Samuel’s wife, Junita Henry related that he and the co-worker were heading out of the mining camp when the incident occurred.

The co-worker related that they were crossing the Konawaruk Falls using a rope. At the time Henry had a barrel tied to his clothing and whilst crossing, they confronted difficulties, thus leading to Samuel falling into the water and never resurfacing.

“They were holding on and crossing the river and my husband had a barrel tied around him and I was trying to understand if the barrel had anything inside but I get to understand it was a half barrel where they put their clothes inside from getting wet, along with that, the water was high…They say because it is close to the Konawaruk Falls and the current of the water is very high and they would not have anybody to go down in that water because of the current,” the woman explained.

She further stated that her husband recently started to work in the mining field and that it was hard communicating with him due to the poor reception in the area.

“I saw him in January and I last spoke with him a week before I got this news…if he is in signal area, I would get him but we talk for last month and this month we talked like every other day,” the woman related.

The grieving wife said that her husband was “jovial, he was loving, he was a quiet person”. A report was made to the Mahdia Police Station by Samuel’s brother, who is also a gold miner.

The aggrieved spouse is hoping that her husband’s body is retrieved so that the family can get closure. The couple tied the knot last year, but have been together for four years.