Police investigating shooting incident at Kitty bar

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

See full statement from the Guyana Police Force:

*Police investigating alleged shooting incident at ‘drinking spot’ in Kitty*

On Sunday, October 15, 2023, at about 04:30 hrs, Constable Grant, who was on duty at the Kitty Police Station, reported that he heard three loud explosions that appeared to be gunshots coming from the northern direction on Alexander Street, Kitty.

As a result, Corporal Daniels, Constable Whoseley, and Constable Bethune were on patrol duty in the area. Acting on the information received, they proceeded to the Cheers and Beers bar located on Alexander Street between Bar and Thomas Street, Kitty.

On arrival at the bar, the ranks contacted Vernon Hardin, age 32, a security guard employed with J&M security service, who was on duty at the bar then.

According to Vernon Hardin, he is the holder of a valid precept. On the date and time mentioned, he was on duty at the bar armed with a licensed Taurus 9mm pistol along with 14 live rounds of ammunition when an identifiable man approached him at the bar, took out a silver firearm from his pants, pointed the same at him, and discharged two rounds in his direction. Hardin said he immediately drew his gun from his holster and discharged a round at the suspect, during which the suspect dropped the suspected firearm that he came with and ran heading south along Alexander Street and made good on his escape.

The suspected firearm, which was on the ground in the vicinity of the bar, was picked up by a Police rank, and on examining it, it was observed to be one suspected.45 pistol, along with one magazine containing eight live 45 rounds of ammunition.

The scene was photographed and processed by the Police, but no spent shells were found. The suspected firearm was taken to the Kitty Police Station, where it was dusted for fingerprints. The firearm was marked, placed into a gun evidence box, and lodged at the Kitty Police Station to be taken to the ballistic section.

Vernon Hardin’s firearm was also seized, placed in evidence at the station, and taken to the ballistics section. Several persons were interviewed, but no further information was obtained. Checks were made for the suspect, but he was not located.

Investigations are ongoing.