Police found 15.9 lbs marijuana in Farm Village

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The narcotics found at the shop in Farm Village, EBE

Police in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) have discovered nearly 16 pounds of cannabis at a residence in Farm Village, East Bank Essequibo, on Friday.

Reports are that, acting on intelligence gathered, the ranks went to the residence at about 17:00h, where they met a 23-year-old female teacher.

A Detective Sergeant from the party of police ranks told the teacher that he received information that she is having narcotics and ammunition at her home, and he would like to carry out a search. The teacher did not object to the request by the police.

The rank observed a small red shop in front of the yard and requested to search it, but the teacher informed him that the said shop is controlled by her sister, a 35-year-old vendor, and her reputed husband, who is a 44-year-old taxi driver – both from Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo.

The last time that the taxi driver attended to the shop was on Thursday September 15, 2022, at about 18:35h.

Some of the ranks stayed at the shop while the other ranks went to the Vergenoegen home of the couple.

On arrival, the ranks received information that the couple just ran through their back yard and joined a car and went away.

Meanwhile, back in Farm Village, police ranks were getting a strong scent/whiff of suspected cannabis that was coming from the shop. As a result, one of the ranks broke the padlock on the western main door to gain entry into the shop.

On doing so, several blue five-gallon plastic jars were seen on the ground.

One of the ranks then checked each of them during which it was discovered that two of the jars had the bottoms cut opened and contained several bulky parcels wrapped with transparent plastic containing suspected cannabis.

The teacher was questioned about the narcotics ut she denied having any knowledge.The entire process was videotaped and photographed by a Detective. The suspected cannabis was then escorted to Parika Police Station.

On arrival, the parcels were counted and amounted to sixteen, weighing 7.257 kilograms (or 7,257 grams or 15.998 pounds).

The cannabis was then placed into separate transparent evidence plastic bags, sealed, marked and lodged with the Station Sergeant for safe keeping.

Investigation in progress.