Police destroy $151M in ganja at Ebini Backdam

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

As Police continued their eradication exercise, over $151 million worth of ganja was found and destroyed at Ebini Backdam, Berbice River on Wednesday.

The 10-hour exercise unearthed two cannabis farms spanning seven acres and a quantity of dried marijuana.

The first farm was approximately five acres in size comprising 50 beds with some 23,000 plants ranging from one foot and two feet in height. In addition, a make-shift camp which had kitchen utensils, a quantity of groceries and 90.71kg of dried Cannabis was also found.

However, the second farm which measures two acres in size had about 3,728 plants ranging from one foot to three feet in height. The police also discovered a total of 72.57 kilograms of dried cannabis.

At the time of the raid, no one was arrested.