PM lauds Junior Chamber International’s commitment to community service, fostering unity

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Prime Minister Mark Phillips at the opening of the Junior Chamber International – Guyana’s 60th anniversary Diamond Soiree and the 64th National Convention of JCI West Indies on Saturday at the Umana Yana in Georgetown

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, has lauded the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Guyana for 60 years of dedicated service and for its commitment to fostering unity, civic responsibility, and community development in the country.

Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips

The Prime Minister made these remarks last evening at the organisation’s 60th anniversary Diamond Soiree and opened the 64th national convention of the JCI West Indies, which was held at the Umana Yana in Georgetown.

During his address, PM Phillips praised JCI Guyana’s enduring commitment to community service.

“Over the past six decades, this organisation has demonstrated its mission to serve humanity and foster community development, weathering challenges and emerging stronger each time. This celebration reflects the countless achievements, from impactful community projects to leadership programmes, that have left a lasting positive mark on communities and individuals across Guyana.”

The Prime Minister further underscored JCI-Guyana’s impact on local communities, stating, “Through your community development initiatives, you have created sustainable solutions for local problems, and the results have brought forth improved healthcare, better educational opportunities, and enhanced environmental sustainability in many communities throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.”

Looking to the future, he pledged the Guyana Government’s support for the organisation and its work.

Attendees at the JCI – Guyana 60th anniversary Diamond Soiree and opening of the 64th National Convention of the JCI West Indies on Saturday

“Our Government is fully committed to fostering partnership opportunities with JCI-Guyana in its community service activities. We recognise the profound impact that these initiatives have on our society and pledge to support them through collaborative projects and resources.”

PM Phillips also called on the private sector to increase its support for JCI-Guyana, emphasising that: “The collective effort of businesses, Government, and civic organisations can significantly amplify the reach and effectiveness of community service activities.”

As Guyana undergoes rapid development, the Prime Minister went onto underscore the importance of collaboration.

PM Phillips’ wife, Mrs Mignon Bowen Phillips, was inducted as a JCI-Guyana Senator during Saturday’s soiree

“Guyana is changing at a terrific rate and there are so many areas for collaboration….There are so many projects that the JCI can make a positive impact on working with Government and the private sector.”

Meanwhile, the event also saw the wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs Mignon Bowen Phillips,  who has served as a member of the JCI, being inducted as a JCI-Guyana Senator as part of the Chamber’s 60th anniversary celebration.