Pedal cyclist killed in ECD accident

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The motorcars involved in the accident

A 27-year-old pedal cyclist of Better Hope North, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was last evening killed in an accident along the Vryheid’s Lust Public Road, ECD.

Ramesh Jaikaram was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was rushed there from the accident scene.

Reports are that motorcar PAB 1884 was proceeding west along the northern side of Vryheid’s Lust Public Road at an alleged rate of speed of about 70kmph, and the traffic light was showing green in his path.

“Whilst proceeding through the light, he saw the pedal cyclist standing in the center awaiting to cross, and as he was about to pass the said pedal cyclist, the pedal cyclist rode south in the path of his vehicle,” a statement from the police explained.

Upon seeing this, the driver swerved south to avoid an impact but despite his efforts, the right-side the motorcar collided with the pedal cyclist.

Another motorcar, PYY 82, which was proceeding behind PAB 1884, in the southern driving lane, also swerved south to avoid hitting the car and pedal cyclist. His vehicle was also crashed in the incident.

A breathalyzer test was carried out on the driver of motorcar PAB 1884 and the driver of PYY 82, both giving a reading 0.00%.

Both drivers, aged 24 and 22, were placed in custody pending investigation.