Partially decomposed body of child found at Eccles dumpsite

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

The partially-decomposed body of a child was on Friday discovered at the Haags Bosch Landfill in Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The chilling find was made around 13:00h by a garbage picker combing through the site. According to the man, while sifting through the refuse, he stumbled upon what he initially thought was a doll.

Upon closer inspection, he realised it was the remains of a child, prompting him to alert others on the scene immediately.

Describing the distressing scene to the Inews, the garbage picker shared that the child, a boy believed to be only a few months old, appeared to have suffered significant trauma, with his head and face crushed. In addition, one of the child’s hands was amputated.

Speculating on the cause, he suggested it might have been due to the operation of a bobcat clearing the area. Further sharing details, the man said that the child seemed to be of Amerindian descent.

He said the area where the body was discovered typically receives ‘fresh’ garbage only from garbage trucks, indicating that the child had been disposed of recently, possibly within the last 24 hours.

He also shared that it might be difficult to identify which garbage truck dumped the child because that is not monitored.

Following the harrowing find, the Guyana Police Force was called in to handle the situation. The child’s body was swiftly removed from the site for further examination.

Reflecting on the traumatic experience, the garbage picker expressed deep shock, admitting that, despite being trained to handle such situations, encountering a body was beyond anything he had imagined.

He said to him, it was shocking that anyone would want to dispose of their child in such a manner.