Over $570M in ganja destroyed by police along Berbice River

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

The Guyana Police Force has destroyed several ganja farms, valued at over $571.6 million, along the Berbice River.

On Friday,  a party of Police, led by an Assistant Superintendent, conducted an eradication exercise between 03:00 and 16:05 hours at Wiruni, Berbice River.

During the operation, the ranks discovered two farms with suspected narcotics.

At the first farm covering about 20 acres, the ranks found a makeshift camp and drying area. They also discovered about 1200 lbs of dry cannabis which has an approximate street value of $489,879,360.

One of the ganja farms destroyed by police

The second farm covering about 10 acres had about 150,000 plants ranging from six to each feet, carrying an approximate street value of $50,820,000.

Both farms were destroyed by the police.

Then on Saturday, another eradication exercise was carried out at Kaiwa in the Upper Berbice River area between 05:30h and 12:30h.

During the exercise, two cannabis farms were discovered and destroyed.

The first farm was about five acres in size and approximately 1,000 seedlings planted on some of the beds. However, there was also a nursery with approximately 35,000 seedlings.

One of the camps being destroyed

In addition, a large camp was found, which had about 34.019 kilograms of dried cannabis with a street value of $30,617,100.

Another farm was located just about 100 feet away about two acres in size which had about 2,000 plants ranging from eight inches to four feet in height with an estimated weight of 2200 kilograms and an approximate street value of $338,800.

Both farms, the nursery, and narcotics were destroyed.

No arrests were made during these exercises, according to the police.