“No more Mr. Nice Time”: APNU targets PPP supporters, NDCs that sabotage government- Harmon


Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has vowed that People’s Progressive Party (PPP)-majority local development councils and PPP supporters, who work in government agencies, would no longer be allowed to undermine the administration and discriminate against coalition support bases. Addressing a Local Government Elections Thank You rally at ‘C’ Field Sophia playground, he said it was …

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OPINION: From the big stick of gunboat diplomacy to the political correctness of oil diplomacy

by GHK Lall The Americans have spoken.  I would hope that the established pantheon of Guyanese oil patriots is listening, and that they appreciate the full import of the finely calibrated language of our formidable northern Uncle on the thorny, long unsettled, heavily menacing border dispute.  Except that the sophisticated […]